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Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary houses and cares for exotic and abandoned wildlife that for whatever reasons cannot be released into the wild. The refuge was established in 1985 and is located on the Big Econ River in East Orlando on acres of pristine wetlands. At any given time, we have between 200 to 300 animals being cared for at our sanctuary.

Help Us Protect These Animals

You can help us support the livelihood of these animals by making a donation today. Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are 100% tax deductible. All donations go towards food, shelter, medical care and repair costs to help these animal get the second chance they deserve. Each donor will receive a donation acknowledgment and receipt. Thank you for your support.

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Humane Animal Trapping

Services in Florida

We safely remove wildlife animals and give them a second chance in our sanctuary — far away from your home! Unlike other trapping companies that drown or dispose of the animals they trap, we safely remove wildlife animals and give them a second chance on our sanctuary.

What’s happening at SCWS

We want to keep you up-to-date on the latest animal and sanctuary news, interesting animal facts and updates about our rescued animal residents here at Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary.

Help Us Recover from Hurricane Matthew

Thankfully, we did not lose a single animal during Hurricane Matthew. All of the new enclosures that have been built and existing ones that have been repaired are still standing strong! However, the grounds of Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary took a hard hit during...

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Med School Student Volunteers from UCF

We love our volunteers from UCF's Pre-Professional Medical Society! They come out to Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary on a regular basis to help us out with all the different chores we need done around the property. Whether they are helping us feed our animals,...

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Jungle Fundraiser!

Additional Information All donations of $75 & $100 are per individual. The $100 package includes sanctuary T-Shirt, signed print & a photo with an animal at the fundraiser. A $150 total value. RSVP by using 'Make A Donation' link at top of page & donating...

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Special Projects

Volunteers from Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary frequently dedicate their time and efforts to help save the dying baby birds at Winter Park Rookery.

Get Involved

Volunteer at Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary for a unique, awesome and fun opportunity to work with exotic and abandoned wildlife!