Casino Demo

Demo is an Anglo-Saxon term that stands for demonstration. The demo applications are completely free, they are used for players to experience an arcade and, at the gambling house, to promote their services with the aim of recruiting new potential real players.

Almost all online casinos have these free platforms that: you can download them on your pc or you can test them in flash. Below we try to give all the answers that a player generally wants to know before trying a demo version of online casinos.

Is the demo mode the same as the real casino version?

It is completely identical, for cost and logistical reasons there is no multiplayer games and live versions.

Is it easier to win in the demo version?

In the demo version you win as in the real version. This myth must absolutely be dispelled Many believe that to entice people to spend money, the play money version is more generous. It is absolutely not true because the game is played using software that is programmed with the same RNG (Random Number Generator) generator of random numbers.

Demo versions of online casinos

There are two types of demos: software and flash demos.

Software demo (recommended) is done by downloading the Casino by clicking on “DOWNLOAD” or “DOWNLOAD”. Practically you install the games room on your PC, at the end you will be asked if you want to play with real money or in free mode. By selecting the second option you can play in the demo version.

By downloading the software you will have a total view of the casino. You will be able to access the different rooms as in the real version and, secondly, the graphics and sound quality is better than the flash version. Flash Demo has the advantage that there is no need to install the program, so it is faster but only allows me to play one game.

Trial period of online casino demos

The demo version can be tested indefinitely. However, there are online casinos that darken the room after a period of time. If this happens to you, simply re-install the software on your PC or provide the casino with your personal data. In fact, the rooms that behave in this way write an email to the player asking for personal data and offering a bonus. It is clear that this is a commercial operation to affiliate with their casino. You can safely provide the data you wish to receive the access codes, but you are not obliged to make any deposits. So you can safely continue playing in the mode you prefer.

When I download the demo, the antivirus gives me a warning

It almost always happens that when we install casino software, some if not all antivirus warn the user that it may be dangerous to download the program. It is a normal message but you are in no danger. In any case, if you want to be 100% safe, only install casino applications that are certified and legalized in your country.

Is the casino demo useful for experimenting with gambling methods?

It’s perfect. Many players take advantage of demo applications to try out new game behaviors or strategies.